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wedding rings

Our relationships are the cornerstones of our lives: family, partners and friends. When we choose to make a commitment in a relationship, we want it to be meaningful and share it with our community. Marriage is an institution steeped in ritual and symbolism,  many and varied across different cultures and religions. One thing that almost all have in common is the wedding ring. If you and your loved one want to enrich this symbolic exchange, I offer the opportunity for you to make your own wedding bands together.

S&A Wedding-93.jpg

No prior experience is needed for this, you will be guided through the process, from start to finish. As this is a very personalised service, an initial no cost consultation is provided to ensure that we can fulfil your expectations. The wedding bands we make can be silver or gold, depending on your budget. The workshop requires two full days, but paced to give you plenty of time for breaks, lunch  and discussion. The workshop can be held consecutive days over one weekend, or spread out over two. The high country is a beautiful place for couples to take time out together, to be in the moment and make the experience a memorable one. Please contact the studio to register your interest.

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