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My work is by preference one off, exploring ideas and solving problems. I am a curious traveller, and love to go on creative adventures. I am slowly building a body of work, and although I struggle to identify my 'style', the natural world is my point of departure and my destination. I will continue to add examples to these projects as they unfold, explaining the materials and techniques along the way. 

Skandi earrings


Metal forming

Smithing is the art of shaping and forming metal, especially through hammering. The blacksmith does this on an anvil, with red hot metal and big hammers. The silversmith works with cold annealed metal, shiny hammers and special stakes. Such is the magic of metal that it can be moved into amazing places if treated with care and respect.


Impressions of nature

The incredible detail and precision captured on paper in botanical illustration is something that I strive to translate to metal. These copper domed earrings carry the vein structure of a skeleton leaf, made more visible through oxidation.

Black pearl drop earings



Talisman and amulet, our primitive ancestors treasured the most unlikely materials. Smooth rocks, bone and fossil had personal worth as a found object, or perhaps a gift. The greater the value, the greater the worth. What do we value most and why? I picked these stones up on a deserted beach at Hokitika over ten years ago; it was an amazing holiday and to me these stones bear witness to that experience.



Lost wax casting is one of the most ancient techniques in jewellery making. The Egyptians used it extensively, working with gold, the most noble of precious metals. I have been playing with the wax, to mould accidental form and texture. 

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